How to travel with a cat in a car (A Helpful Guide)

If you just clicked through to this article then you are possibly wondering and pondering on how to travel with a cat in a car.

It is normally very difficult to get cats to travel in a car comfortably.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

You can easily travel with a cat in a car by placing it in a carrier, securely restrain it and also carry a litter box where it can help itself.

In this article we shall look at 11 helpful tips when traveling with a cat in a car.

So let’s dive right in

1. Talk to a Veterinarian

It is important to always consult with a qualified veterinarian before traveling with a cat or any pet for that matter.

You should ensure that your cat is in perfect health before setting off on any journey in a car with it.

It is also very important that you learn how to deal with situations where your cat gets car sick along the journey.

There are various things that could possibly go wrong when traveling with a cat in a car so make it a point to speak to a veterinarian prior to your road trip.

2. Plan pit stops.

This is probably one of the most important things you have to do as you travel with a cat in a car.

You will have to prepare to stop every 2 to 3hours along the way to not only feed your cat but also allow it to use the litter box.

This will ensure you retain your sanity as you drive otherwise you might end up having to travel in a car that smells of cat poop!

3. Get ready for a stressful experience.

I’ll be totally honest with you.

It is not going to be your usual road trip when you decide to travel with a cat.

You are definitely going to experience a substantial amount of stress cause let’s face it, “traveling with cats is not easy to that much fun anyway.

I am personally still trying to learn how to travel with cats even after all these years.

4. Don’t ever leave your cat in the car.

Leaving your cat in the cat is one of the WORST mistakes you can make when traveling with your cat.

If humans get uncomfortable sitting in a stationary car with all the windows closed the how about a cat.

The truth is cars normally heat up so fast and this could be the one thing that kills your cat.

As a rule of thumb, “Never leave your cat alone in the car!”

Remember that leaving your air conditioning on and the car running doesn’t in any way guarantee your cat’s safety.

And cracking your car’s windows or keeping them open won’t help with the heat since cars can reach 120 degrees F in a matter of seconds on a hot day.

Just never leave your cat in the car alone.

5. Train your cat.

Before you travel with your cat in a car, it is best that you allow it get comfortable being in a car.

This is something that you can do yourself without the need to hire an expert.

Helping your cat get familiar with being in a car will make it much easier for it to endure long distances on the road.

You can help your cat associate cars with fun and happy moments by simply entering inside the car with it, close the door and then let him explore and familiarize with the environment.

Cats can’t imagine something that is entirely new and has never happened to them.

And because many of the first road trips in cars are very unpleasant for cats, many of them dread traveling and will always prefer to stay home.

But once the cat gets to associate car rides with good things, then they are more likely to feel comfortable traveling in a car.

6. Offer your cat meals in the car.

This is an interesting trick that will make your road trips with your cat more enjoyable and pleasant.

Once your cat gets a bit comfortable in the car, offer all its meals in the car.

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This will reinforce the notion that only good things happen in the car and as such your cat will be more comfortable traveling in the car.

7. Always keep your cat in the carriers.

Always ensure that your cat is restrained in the carrier while traveling with a car.

Most cat owners assume that their cats will be quite uncomfortable in the carrier and therefore decide to let them loose.

This normally opens doors for accidents that could possibly be easily avoided.

8. Play with your cat before you set off.

Just before you subject your cat to the discomfort of traveling in a car for long hours, ensure you play with her and also give her some food and water unless your veterinarian instructed you not to do so.

This will help your cat feel much more comfortable while traveling in a car.

9. Pack extra supplies for the road trip.

You don’t want to get caught up with limited supplies on a road trip with your cat.

So ensure that you prepare adequately by packing extra supplies such as food or medicine that your cat may need along the way.

You also want to make sure you have enough supplies of any special food or medicine that your cat needs.

Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and money.

10. Reach Out to your Hotel.

The worst thing that could possibly happen to you is to pay for Hotel only to reach there and find out that they don’t allow cats on their premises.

So always make it a point to contact your hotel and find out whether they allow cats in their premises.

You can also check out this video on how to keep your cats safe within hotels.

11. Ensure proper identification.

Before setting off for your road trip with a cat always check for proper identification.

Make sure that it is wearing an easy to read tag its collar and is also microchipped.

You can see why microchipping your cat is important here.

Once your cat can be easily identified then you can be able to easily track and find it in the event that it gets lost along your journey.

12. Allow your cat time to get used to the car.

Unlike humans, cats don’t adapt to change easily.

They always prefer environments and situations they are used to.

So prior to your road trip, take your cat to the car and allow it get used to the new environment.

This will make your trip with a cat much easier.

You can take her along with you as you ran some errands nearby or even when you go shopping.

Simply load her up in her new comfortable carrier and take her with you.

You could also give her a treat once you return home.

This way, she will associate car rides with god stuff such as her favourite meal and she will definitely feel much more comfortable traveling in a car.

Conclusion: How to travel with a cat in a car.

If you are planning to travel with your cat in a car anytime soon, then adequate preparation will save you lots of unnecessary stress.

Once you prepare ahead for your journey then you can have a great time when traveling with a cat in a car.

Simply follow some of these tips from cat owners like yourself and you should be good to go.

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How was your experience traveling with a cat in a car?

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