Over the counter cat sedatives

Are you looking for the best over the counter cat sedatives for your cat?

Well you have come to the right place.

We shall be looking at some of the most effective over the counter cat sedatives that will help relax and calm your feline friend during stressing situations.

These over the counter cat sedative have been carefully selected among a vast majority of many for not only their effectiveness but also their minimal side effects.

This will ensure that you don’t endanger your cat’s life while using these cat sedatives on them.

I personally don’t encourage people to use cat sedatives on their cats since there are various better and natural alternatives that will have the same calming and relaxing effect on your cat.

However if you must use a cat sedative on your cat, then you should consider buying some of these over the counter cat sedatives that are readily  available in almost all local stores and shops.

I must however point out that it is always important to consult with a veterinarian before administering any sedative on your cat for safety issues.

A sedative that has been prescribed by a professional veterinarian is not only much safer but far more effective than one that has been administered by a non-professional.

So even as you buy and administer these over the counter cat sedatives, please make sure to consult with a veterinarian first for your cat’s safety.

Cat sedatives can be a real source of relief for cat owners especially those traveling since they allow cats to feel calm and relaxed during the journey.

This is because cats aren’t the kind of animals to easily adapt to change and unfamiliar situations.

They will always prefer the normal environment that they have gotten used to as opposed to being subjected to a new normal such as traveling in a noisy car for long hours while being restrained in a cat carrier.

So these sedatives are more like sleeping pills for cats.

They help them feel relaxed and calm during very stressful and anxious situations.

But much as cat sedatives bought over the counter have been found to be very effective, not all of them will work effectively.

So you might have to try out a few options and see how your cat reacts to them prior to your journey.


Best Over the counter cat sedatives for cats


1. Feliway

I personally always recommend using Feliway to sedate cats.

It’s one of the most effective over the counter cat sedatives you will find in the market.

One of the things that make Feliway stand out among all other cat sedatives is its mode of operation when administered to cats.

As opposed to disrupting a cat’s system, Feliway mimics how cats scent their environment and as such has a calming and relaxing effect on cats.



It usually comes as either a spray or diffuser and is administered by spraying.

You can spray it into your cat’s favourite blanket or cat carrier prior to your journey.

When traveling with a cat in a car, you could also spray your car before you set off to ensure your cat is comfortable.

Feliway also comes with one refill vial that you can always plugin during your road trip with a cat.

It is not only an effective natural alternative but also has a rapid action rate.

If you are looking for how to sedate a cat naturally then Feliway is the cat sedative for you.


Does Feliway have side effects on humans?

No, Feliway has no side effects whatsoever on human beings since it is a pheromone specially designed for cats. So you can comfortably use the Feliway diffuser without any cause for alarm since it is perfectly safe. However, some people may experience general side effects such as headache or nausea when they constantly stay in a room where a diffuser is plugged in.


How quickly does Feliway diffuser work?

It usually works within 24 hours and by that time it will have thoroughly spread throughout your room. It is however important to plug in the diffuser at least 2 -3 days earlier for better results.

Feliway is actually readily available on Amazon.



2. Benadryl.

If you aren’t comfortable using Feliway to sedate your cat then Benadryl is probably one of the most effective alternative cat sedatives in the market right now that you could use.

Benadryl is actually medicine meant for human consumption that has been found effective for cats as well.

The active ingredient in Benadryl is diphenhydramine which causes drowsiness in cats.

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine that is widely used to treat allergies and insomnia.

It is also worth noting that giving Benadryl to cats isn’t yet approved by the FDA but is generally considered safe for cats when administered in small doses.

Majority of the cat owners who  usually sedate their cats using Benadryl have found a dosage of 1 mg per pound in weight up to three times daily to be highly effective.

For the best results it is recommended you dose your feline friend by weight.

Some of the side effects you can expect include;

  •         Vomiting
  •         Diarrhoea
  •         Appetite loss
  •         Dry Mouth
  •         Hyperactivity

Now of all these side effects you might want to carefully look out for hyperactivity is which by far one of the worst things you would want to happen to your cat when traveling.


3. NaturVet Hemp Quiet Moments

NaturVet Hemp is another great over the counter cat sedative that you can use to sedative your cat for travel.

It usually comes in the form of chews just like the Pet Naturals Calming Chews.

It is recommended that you give your cat at least 2 chews 30 minutes before travel for an effective effect.

NaturVet Hemp has also been found to be highly effective in cats with separation anxiety.

It is a great natural sedative that will help ease your cat’s anxiety and stress levels by promoting a gentle sense of relaxation.


How long does NaturVet Hemp last?

It usually takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes for the sedative to produce a gentle calming effect in cats.

And it lasts for about 3 – 4 hours after being administered.

You can find NaturVet Hemp on Amazon.


4. Rescue Remedy

This is another over the counter cat sedative that will help calm your cat.

Rescue Remedy is alcohol free and contains glycerol which is a sweetness that is enjoyed by most animals.

It was developed in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach. The cat sedative is a type of Bach flower remedy.

It is a special blend of 5 different wildflowers that are said to carry some form of vibrational and healing power.

The wildflowers include;

  •         Cherry Plum
  •         Clematis
  •         Impatiens
  •         Rock Rose
  •         Star of Bethlehem

Rescue Remedy is also used to provide calm and protect against anxiety in not just cats but humans too

It is increasingly being used to treat illnesses caused by negative emotions in humans like stress and depression.

So if you really want to provide your feline friend with a great relaxing and calm experience then you should try Rescue Remedy.

This over the counter cat sedative can be bought on Amazon.


5. Catnip

This is another alternative we usually recommend cat owners should give a try.

Catnip is very safe to use and won’t have any side effects on your feline friend.

It is worth noting that some cats may not be affected by Catnip at all while others are easily affected by it.

So it is important that you try using Catnip on your cat earlier on and then observe how your cat reacts.

The worst thing that could happen to you is to travel with a cat thinking it is sedated when in fact it is perfectly normal and then have to deal with all the stress that comes with it.

There are various catnip and catnip toys that you can buy on Amazon and other pet stores around.


Conclusion: Over the counter cat sedatives

Cat sedatives are an amazing solution for controlling anxiety and stress in cats while traveling but should be used with caution.

It is very important that you consult a veterinarian prior to traveling so you find a suitable sedative for your feline friend.

As with everything in life, not all cats will be affected by sedatives the same way.

Each cat will react differently to different cat sedatives.

So you must be willing to try various over the counter cat sedatives before settling for one that works well for your cat.

We usually recommend Feliway as the best over the counter cat sedative for cats since it is a natural remedy that will calm and relax your cat without any negative long term side effects on your cat’s health and general wellbeing.

Now we would like to hear from you.

What over the counter cat sedative have you found effective in sedating your cat for travel?

Are there any cat sedatives you would like added to this list of over the counter cat sedatives?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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