Should I sedate my cat for travel?

Are you wondering whether sedating your cat for travel is the right thing to do?

If so, you are in luck because I will be sharing on whether you should sedate your cat for travel.

Many cat owners struggle with the question “Should I sedate my cat for travel.”

Enticing as it may seem, the truth is sedating your cat for travel may not be the right thing to do at all.

I will get into the reasons why later on.

But to answer the question, “Should I sedate my cat for travel.”

The answer is quite simple.

No, you shouldn’t sedate your cat for travel.

This is because sedation doesn’t actually help your cats enjoy traveling in anyway.

Sedatives simply prevent your cat from acting normally but don’t necessarily eliminate your cat’s fear of traveling.

What are cat sedatives?

Sedatives are simply medications used to reduce anxiety and tension in stressful situations.

In the cause for cats, they tend to get very anxious and stressed when they are in very unfamiliar environments and situations.

Administering prescribed cat sedatives has been found to be effective in keeping cats calm and relaxed during stressful situations such as travel.

Are sedatives safe?

No, cat sedatives are not safe and shouldn’t be administered to cats.

Recently, the American Veterinary Medical Association started discouraging cat owners from administering any form of sedatives to their cats.

As it turns out, sedatives actually do more harm than good.

Cat sedatives not only upset and confuse cats but also put them at greater risk since they get too relaxed under sedation that they can’t even control or balance their own bodies.

As opposed to sedation, there are several ways to calm, your cat during travel.

How to calm a cat down without sedatives.

1. Get your cat a carrier.

There are various affordable carriers that you can purchase for your cat.

It is very risky to let your cat loose while traveling especially in a car.

You can buy a comfortable carrier on Amazon for her early enough before your road trip.

That way she can get familiar with it and get comfortable sleeping and sitting in it.

You also want to make sure the carrier is large enough so she can easily stand and sit while in it.

2. Allow your cat time to get used to the car.

Unlike humans, cats don’t adapt to change easily.

They always prefer environments and situations that they are used to.

So prior to your road trip, take your cat to the car and allow it get used to the new environment.

This will make your trip with a cat much easier.

You can take her along with you as you ran some errands nearby or even when you go shopping.

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Simply load her up in her new comfortable carrier and take her with you.

You could also give her a treat once you return home.

This way, the cat will associate car rides with good stuff such as her favourite meal and she will definitely feel much comfortable traveling in a car.

3. Use a cat calming spray.

A cat calming spray is a perfect natural alternative for cat sedatives.

Your cat won’t have to take any sedatives prior to your road trip.

You will simply spray the mist into your cat’s carrier or its favourite blanket atleast an hour before your journey.

As your cat inhales the spry gradually, it will have a relaxing effect and ensure your cat is calm and relaxed during your journey.

4. Hire a professional chauffeur for your cat.

Yes, you read that right.

There are actually various professional pet transportation services that will easily transport your cat to your new home.

Their experienced pet drivers will ensure your cat experiences a feline – perfect cross country ride.

Conclusion: Should I sedate my cat for travel?

The answer is simple.

You shouldn’t sedate your cat for travel.

There are various effective alternatives you can use to ensure your cat is comfortable and calm during travel.

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Have you sedated your cat before?

What was your experience traveling with a sedated cat?

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